Long Bui, M.D.






Life before residency:
I was born in Kansas City and have basically stayed and trained here all my life.  I went to St. Pius X high school and Rockhurst University for undergrad.  I have three cats that I absolutely adore and recently got engaged. I’ve been a Kansas City native all my life and am happy to be able to stay here and give back to the community.

Memorable moments:
My favorite medical moment was being a part of a team assisting in my first c-section.  It was very spontaneous and I was in the middle of eating breakfast.  It was very fast paced but it was really cool to be able to participate in. 
My favorite moments outside of medicine was going to Iceland recently.  I was able to ride a horse for the first time, had some amazing hiking trails, and went scuba diving in 30 degree water!

Why I chose RMC:
 I chose RMC because it was close to home and it matched with what my goals were. I wanted to be in a great training program.  The idea of being able to participate in all these different tracks such as integrative or Obstetrics.  The residents were also all incredibly friendly and it seems like they have the perfect work life balance I’m looking for.

Hobbies & Interests:
I love to hike, swim, and workout in the gym.  I’m big into road trips and am often trying to plan a quick little weekend road trip somewhere.  I’m big into music and recently got into country music but will listen to anything. 

Other interesting things about me:
Ask me about my cats.  I’ll show you pictures.