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Goppert-Trinity Family Care

6675 Holmes, Suite 450 Kansas City, Missouri 64131

GTFC has approximately 50,000 outpatient visits a year. Our patient population is diverse with age, gender, and chronic and acute disease mix. Our payer mix is also diverse – approximately 24% Medicaid and 10% Medicare with the remainder having commercial insurance.


Residents are in clinic at least 1 half day during their first year seeing 4-5 patients, 2 half days during the second year seeing 6-8 patients and 3 half days during their third year seeing 8-10 patients.


The clinic has substantial diagnostic equipment to perform a wide variety of in-office procedures. The procedures offered include exercise EKG treadmills, colposcopy, LEEP, video GI endoscopy, nasolaryngoscopy, vasectomy, IUD insertion, Implanon, OB ultrasound, and multiple skin procedures. The clinic has in house radiology and laboratory services available as well.